Monday, October 7, 2013

Back to blogging

After a few months blogging hiatus I've decided to re-join the blog world! The past 6 months I've embarked on a primal/paleo journey and wanted to document it along the way! I have enjoyed cooking all kinds of food for the past 6 years! It's been exciting to take some of my favorite flavors that I once used in cooking in an unhealthy way and converting them to this new lifestyle.

I've known of the primal/paleo lifestyle for almost 2 years now, and it was not until 9 months ago that I truly began learning and understanding the science behind it and slowly slipping into it. Fast forwarding to now I've really embraced the lifestyle  (most of the time ;) ) and have enjoyed the benefits of feeling and being healthier!

I want to be able to share my ideas and recipes with others in hopes to encourage those who have toyed with the idea of the caveman life style to jump in! I always thought the paleo primal lifestyle would be expensive or timely, however I've found that not only have I saved money in the process but with some planning the time it takes is just the same!

So... welcome to my blog :)


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